About Us

The G&G Boatwash company was created on the 4th of September 2020 by its two co-founders Guillaume Engerand and Gaël Minier.

These two engineers met 8 years ago when both were working for an important french aeronautical company. They quickly realized they had several passions in common, including boating and sailing. A first sailing experience of several days together allowed them to get to know each other better and to share their desire to participate in the ecological revolution for the marine environment. And so it is, by looking forward to making a contribution to the edifice, that one day Gaël suggests to Guillaume to jump into the adventure of eco-friendly boat washing. The first cornerstones that will lead the two future partners to the creation of the company were defined.

Meeting with the Swedish manufacturer Drive-in-Boatwash® was a key milestone. Indeed, after observing the excellence and  the seriousness of the company, the decision to become a partner was taken quickly to lead to an exclusive distribution contract regarding Bigwash © and Miniwash © products for France. The concerned areas are : the French Atlantic coast, the French Antilles, Guyana, the English Channel, French inland waters and Belgium.

Before creating G&G Boatwash company, Guillaume (engineering background) worked in the fields of public works and in the Aeronautical industry. Gaël (engineering and business administration background) worked in financial auditing and in the Aeronautical industry.