G&G Boatwash : your partner

G&G Boatwash will follow you throughout your entire project. You will not be left alone as soon as the machine is delivered. As privileged partner, G&G Boatwash will be next to you at each step of your project. From the definition of your project to the maintenance of your machines, our expertise is at your service.

Step 1

Because each new partnership needs a starting point, do not hesitate to contact us here. We will answer you soon.

Step 2
Market analysis

We will perform with you an analysis of the targeted market and we will look together through your needs to mature your project.

Step 3
Analysis and simulations

After a pre check of the technical feasibility to install a machine on your site, we will perform with you a business plan to determine the profitability of your future activity. We will put at your disposal our financial simulations tools.

Step 4
Financing and insurance

With our partners, we will help you to find the best financing and insurance solutions to ensure the viability of your project.

If you wish, G&G Boatwash can become a partner of your investment project. As each project is different, a case by case analysis should be performed. In general, G&G Boatwash invests in a part of the machine and partner investors operate the machine with a royalty on sales going to G&G Boatwash.

Step 5

Once all technical and financial aspects of your project are defined, you can order your Drive-In Boatwash® system to participate with us to the hull cleaning revolution and to the marine environment protection.

Step 6
Delivery and installation

Once your order is validated, the production of your machine will start including the ordered options. Once your machine is delivered on site from Sweden, the assembly and installation of your machine will be performed by our technicians and engineers.

Step 7
Operation start

G&G Boatwash engineers and technicians will train your employees to operate your machine in order to boost your activity from the beginning.

Step 8

G&G Boatwash will stay with you over the years to support your activities by ensuring your machine maintenance and by providing spare parts.