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The innovative eco-friendly and economical hull cleaning systems

Become an operator of an innovative hull cleaning system and build-up your business. You are a public or a private investor, a harbor or a marina operator, a boat association, offer an efficient and environmentally friendly hull cleaning system to your’s area facilities. If you own a boat, the sailor’s corner is for you.

The eco-friendly and economical hull cleaning revolution

The principle of a car wash station, but for boats with an immersed brushing. Designed and manufactured in Sweden, Drive-In Boatwash® products revolutionize and simplify hull maintenance for boats. G&G Boatwash offers you the opportunity to participate in this revolution based on four strengths:

Simplified maintenance

When leaving or returning from your navigation, only 15 minutes, without effort, will be enough to clean your hull while remaining afloat.

100% Eco-friendly

Thanks to this solution, no harmful products for the environment and health are used anymore. Protect yourself and the marine environment by stopping application of toxic products on your hull.


Less expensive and less painful than the application of a classic antifouling paint for users.

Improve the quality of navigation

By cleaning your hull regularly, you will benefit from a significant fuel consumption reduction with improved boat efficiency and maneuverability.

The Drive-In Boatwash system is suitable for both single-hull motorboats and sailboats (see eligible boat types and engines) up to a length of 16 meters (53 feet).

The simple and efficient process allows a regular hull cleaning for a majority of boats as for example in the frame of an annual subscription. It ensures a spotless maintenance by removing aquatic organisms such as algae and the most tenacious shells in just a few minutes. No need to use traditional antifouling paints anymore. Because preserving marine environment quality is essential, the Drive-In Boatwash® system collects all cleaning debris. They are then treated in an adapted sorting center.

G&G Boatwash has been elected Best Service during the innovation prize 2021 in the Nautic show in Paris.



Marc Guillemot

As an internationally renowned skipper, Marc is the sponsor of the eco-friendly afloat careening stations distributed by G&G Boatwash.

Marc, whose track record in offshore racing is no longer presented, works actively for the protection of the environment as evidenced by the construction of his new boat: the MG5 for the Route du Rhum 2022.


  • Swedish sea rescue boat cleaning in a Bigwash

“Our members save a lot of money on fuel and maintenance.”

Robbie Bergqvist, Vice President of the Bosö boat club

“We have actually only had positives one (reactions from our customers) so far, and I am hoping it will stay like that. When people call us back, they tell us they do 7-8 knots faster than before the boat wash. This is remarkable change. Also, the use of fuel is a lot less, about 15-40% less.”

Sofia Janson, Waxholm harbor master

Breaking News: G&G Boatwash becomes the exclusive distributor of the OSMOSUN® brand in solar-powered desalination solutions, for harbors and marinas application in France!!