The eco hull cleaning G&G Boatwash and I

As a boat owner, private or professional, which benefits can I get from a regular use of G&G Boatwash’s eco hull cleaning solutions, and more important, is my boat eligible to the use of a Bigwash system ? In the sailor’s corner, we are providing you with the needed information to use our solutions.

The benefits of a regular hull cleaning with the G&G Boatwash solutions:



How often should I clean the hull?

To optimize boat performance, hull cleaning is appropriate as soon as foul appears. Genererally, the recommended washing frequency is between 4 and 12 weeks. It depends mainly on the geographical location of your boat, navigation frequency and can vary according to the seasons. Salinity and water temperature are also importants parameters.

How effective is this hull cleaning method?

This innovative cleaning solution guarantees and even outperforms the properties and performance achieved with a classic annual antifouling paint. If the recommended hull cleaning frequency on your area is respected, you will no longer need to use antifouling paint. Regular wash will renew the optimal sliding performance of your boat.

How about the other necessary operations to maintain my boat?

Other necessary operations to maintain your boat such as anode changing and hull pass checking can be performed by a professional diver associated to the concept or independently. The deck and outboard engines propellers cleaning can be performed with the high-pressure cleaner installed on the system. Upon request, the services of a professional diver may be needed to complete the cleaning of propellers and transmission shaft. A quick lifting of your boat with the facilities or your harbor is also a possibility while avoiding long-term parking fees.

Does my boat meet the Bigwash specifications?

You will find below all the necessary information to check if your boat is eligible to use the Bigwash system* Drive-In Boatwash®.

* As the Bigwash system may be adapted to meet the specifications of its installation site, make sure to ask the operator about any special arrangement before a wash.

Engine specification

The entire hull can be cleaned. With the engine in the upper position, the rear base and propeller can be cleaned with the high-pressure system integrated in the Bigwash.

The entire hull can be cleaned.

The entire hull can be cleaned.

The hull can be cleaned while keeping a margin towards the engines.


The hull can be cleaned while keeping a margin towards the transmission shaft. If the shaft line is centered and the propeller diameter is less than 30 centimeters, then the entire hull can be cleaned.

Single-hull sailing boats

For the single-hull sailing boats, the drift or keel width including bulb must not exceed 45 cm at any point. The keel and rudder shall have a maximum length of 1.6 m from the hull and shall not exceed 2.4 m from the waterline to the bottom of it.

*The hulls with double rudders can be cleaned but the double rudders themselves cannot.