Let's all act for Marine Environment protection

of harmful antifouling paints are sold every year around the world
0 Tons
of biocides are present in one square meter of antifouling paint applied on a hull
0 grams
of water can be polluted by a single gram of biocide
of submerged hulls in the world were covered with antifouling paint in 2019
0 %

References: French Ministry of the ecological transition – Agency for the biodiversity; Finistère 360° – Agency of the departmental council of Finistère)

Whatever is the type of antifouling paint applied on a hull (erodible, hard or mixed matrix), it will over the time for sure release different components into the water. Some of these components are clearly harmful to the environment, such as: biocides, solvents, additives (non-exhaustive list). Even if in the last years the antifouling paints manufacturing standards have improved for the Environment, this is still not enough.*

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With the goal to act for marine environment protection, G&G Boatwash is proud to offer Drive-In Boatwash® products exclusively for mainland France (excluding the Mediterranean coast), the French overseas departments and territories and Belgium. We are looking forward to offering you the opportunity to participate in the preservation of the seas and their coastlines.

Drive-in Boatwash® solutions are not only providing a technical innovation to protect the Marine Environment, but they also promote the marina and the shops in the area. Based on different feedbacks, it was observed that a marina using such systems has increased the number of visitors, and the different businesses around did take advantage of it. 

Finally, this technology can help a lot in getting different types of ecological labels.

A regular cleaning program with G&G Boatwash systems will keep boats free of fouling. Therefore, this leads to: